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Anesi tou notou – KretatravelAnesi tou notou – Kretatravel
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The small village of Faneromeni is located in the south part of Crete. It is located in a scenic location, in a verdant valley at the southern foot of Psiloritis mount with altitude of 80 meters. The village is a magical place which beauty has been consolidated over the centuries and where time seems to stand still. Square, church, typical products, landscapes are just some ingredients of the list that make your holiday priceless in the typical Cretan Village of Faneromeni. You want miss out on local village cosiness. Mini market, coffee shops, church gas station are in the village. Bigger supermarket, bank, etc. can be found on 8 kilometres distance in the village of Timbaki or Mires.    

The dam of Faneromeni is the gem of the village.

  The artificial lake covers an area of approximately 1000 acres and has a capacity of 20 million cubic meters. It was constructed in 2005 in order to meet the increased demand for irrigation of the Mesara plain. In those few years of operation, this lake of Faneromeni has become an extremely important wetland, where rare birds and animals nest.  A walk in the dam during the spring is a wonderful experience.