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Anesi tou notou – KretatravelAnesi tou notou – Kretatravel
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picture kamilari Today Kamilari still offers traditional Cretan village life and very spectacular views. Spread on three hills with the names • Ovgora, meaning "good view" is the highest one with an altitude of 110m; • Goulas is the one with the old school and the Hellenistic findings on top and • Alevrota the one with Alevrota villas on top, reachable from the village exit in direction of Sivas Kamilari is situated on the coordinates: 24°48' East longitude and 35°03' North latitude, and offers a panoramic 360° view on the Ida mountain range with Psiloritis, being the highest summit on the island with 2456m, to the North, Timbaki area to the West, the Messara plain to the East and the Lybian Sea to the Southwest. You can also see many other small and bigger villages around and on a day with a clear view you can even catch a view on the White Mountains and the island of Gavdos on the sea horizon. Kamilari may not be directly on the sea, but it's only a short distance from many beautiful local beaches. This minor disadvantage is more than made up for by the strongly traditional atmosphere of the village, with its pretty houses, picturesque alleyways and stunning views. In the narrow streets and alleyways of this old village you will find a real part of old Crete: two small main squares, three churches and three colorful kafeneios full of character, frequented by locals and visitors alike.   The old houses of Kamilari are built of stone, with lovely courtyards and bougainvilleas climbing the walls. Some of the houses you see have been restored by foreign owners, who use them as summer homes or rent them out to tourists. Kamilari preserves its traditional atmosphere, making it a lovely place to stay, stroll around and explore . Kamilari belongs to the municipality of Phaistos with 23.882 inhabitants (57,86 inhabitants per square kilometre). Kamilari has the responsibility for the municipal administration on the three villages of Kamilari, Agios Ioannis and Kalamaki. The population of Kamilari district was stated in 2001 after the last census with 452 inhabitants. The next census will be at the end of 2011. The Kamilari people are known for their hospitality, calmness and kindness. Many "Kamilarians" are still farmers or at least live from the animals they raise and what they grow in the garden, and they all follow the ecological balance approach. People, who grow vegetable and fruits, never use chemicals. Kamilari still keeps it's familiar atmosphere and is quite unspoilt from mass tourism although it offers many interesting sites in the local area like for example the popular archaeological sites of  Agia Triada and Phaistos. (© cultural comittee of Kamilari)

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