Anesi tou notou – KretatravelAnesi tou notou – Kretatravel

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Anesi tou notou – KretatravelAnesi tou notou – Kretatravel
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Lagolio is located on the foot of Psiloritis, 6 kilometers away from the beach of Kokkinos Pirgos. It is an historical village with few houses and around 120 inhabitants. The patron saint of the village is the Saint Michalis, celebrating the 8th of November.  You can find the older church (1899) at the other side of the village. In the village is one family operated tavern but no other shops. The old school is being renovated and will be soon a museum. Lagolio is a perfect base for trips, very close to the many archaeological sites and a convenient spot for exploring the south of Crete with his beautiful beaches. A rental car is necessary to explore the beauty of the island.