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Anesi tou notou – KretatravelAnesi tou notou – Kretatravel
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The mountain village of Nivritos belongs to the multiplicity of Rouvas.  It has an altitude of 493 meters and has around 250 inhabitants.  It is located between the two bigger villages of Zaros and Gergeri. There is no doubt that water played a crucial role in this area. It was the base for wealth and livelihood.  The irrigation system goes way back. This area provided Ancient Gortyn in the Roman years with water! The water was used for agricultural purposes, as well as for the watermills giving the possibility to the people to grind their cereals.  
Nowadays there is very interesting event of the village that takes place on the 25th of March: the fair of Agios Methodios where the conveyance of the saint`s corps takes place in the escort of horseman.  The yearly celebration of the patron saint of the church St Methodios takes place on the 20th of June. A few kilometers further on you can find the cave hermitage of St Efthimios. Inside the hollow and large church are some frescoes. You also can find a rock- carving with the number 1432. Probably it is not referring to a date. In that time dates used to be written with letters. Tradition says that Saint Efthimios was mistakenly killed by a hunter. The nuns of the monastery Saint Nikolaos saw him wandering in the gardens while he was dressed as an animal.  The hunter mistakenly killed him. The outside area of the cave hermitage is the best location for a panoramic view.