Cretalia festival 2019

DJs & Live Acts .. more will be announced! Frank Koopmann DJ DJ Smurf & Perry, Latin Kings and Delight Brothers, DJ Chair. Frank Koopmanns musikalische Leidenschaft, hat den gelernten Bassisten, ob als Musiker, als Produzent oder DJ durch die ganze Welt katapultiert. Ob Bilbao, Ibiza, Berlin, Wien oder Kreta – diese waren nur einige […]

Matala street painting The Matala streets are transformed into a huge canvas where painters from 5 to 105 years old will compose their paintings with a lot of color, but above all great inspiration. So they will have the chance to leave their own unique footprint on the hippie streets and revive an unforgettable time.

Matala: “Today is life, tomorrow never comes!”

Matala beach festival 2019 – The official dates for the matala beach festival are 21,22 & 23 June. We will be happy to wellcome you and enjoy with you this great celebration that takes place every year in Matala.